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This Just In From… Gen Con! Day 4 – Peter Adkison Interview

Sit down interview with Peter Adkison about is new project.

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This Just In From… Gen Con! Day 4 – From the Con Floor

Con Interview:

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This Just In From… Gen Con! Day 4 – Nerdstrong Gym

A sit down talk about getting Nerdstrong with David Nett.

Nerdstrong Gym — www.nerdstronggym.com

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This Just In From… Gen Con! Day 3 – From the Con Floor.

Booth interviews:

  1. Ludo Fact — www.ludofact.com
  2. Drinking Quest — www.drinkingquest.com
  3. Jasco Games — www.jascogames.com
  4. Tabletopia — www.tabletopia.com
  5. Megacon Games — www.megacongames.com
  6. Dryad Tea — www.dryadtea.com

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This Just In From… Gen Con! Day 3 – Darren Watts of Double Exposure Interview

The long sit down interview with Darren Watts.

  1. Darren Watts of Double Exposure — www.dexposure.com/envoy/

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This Just In From… Gen Con! Day 2 – Friday!

We are excited to bring you our second day. It’s later then we wanted but we had some technical issues today. Enjoy.

  1. Th3rd World Studios — www.th3rdword.com
  2. Indie Game Alliance — www.indiegamealliance.com
  3. Leader Games — www.ledergames.com
  4. Matt Worden Games — www.mwgames.com
  5. The Broken Token — www.TheBrokenToken.com
  6. Antimatter Games — www.antimatter-games.com
  7. Warpo — www.warpo.com

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Gen Con 2015 – Thursday! From the Con Floor.

Here it is sorry for the delay we had a few technical issues which delayed today. I think we for those figured out. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Show Notes

  1. Cheese Weasel Logistics & Fund my Game — www.cheeseweasel.net & www.fundmygame.net
  2. Fez-O-Rama — www.fez-o-rama.com
  3. Exile Game Studio — www.exilegames.com
  4. Third Eye Games — www.thirdeyegames.net
  5. Artana — www.artana.com
  6. Flurry the Bear — www.FlurryTheBear.com

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Gen Con – Wednesday! Meeting Some Young Gamers.

We had some very special guests hanging out with David and Mario. This is our last of our pre show shows. Enjoy.

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Gen Con – Wednesday!

Here is our second preshow show.  Its just a quick conversation between Mario and David about things they are excited about.

Enjoy getting to know the Hosts this year.

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Gen Con – Wednesday! Chris Perrin’s Top 10.

First Episode – Chris Perrins Top 10

Chris Perrin takes some time from his comfortable Kansas City Studio location to fill us in on the Top 10 things he is excited about that’s coming to Gen Con this Year.

I will need to get all the links from Chris but will work on providing them in the post later today… Enjoy.

Chris Perrin’s Top 10

Look for others to follow this morning leading up to our Daily Show this afternoon.