This Just In From….. Metatopia

This Just In From… Metatopia

This Just In From…, the podcast devoted to bringing you convention coverage, formerly This Just In From Gen Con, is happy to announce that they will take their show on the Road one more time this year. Already scheduled to attend and bring  the Gen Con experience to its listeners, TJIF has been asked to come to Metatopia in Morristown New Jersey to bring that wonderful convention experience to those who can’t attend.

Metatopia, the designers convention, is devoted to bringing together Game Designers from all over to play test and workshop new game ideas. One of the largest gatherings of developers with the single focus of Game Design and testing, Metatopia has proven it is a convention for designers by designers.

This Just In From.. producer Mark Reed had this to say. “We are excited that Metatopia invited us to come to their show. This is a huge step for us as we take what traditionally has been a one con show to a second con. We are eager to showcase this great convention and introduce it to larger audience.”



This Just In From… is produced by Heroic Journey Productions. It is a cornerstone Podcast of the TJI Network and can be found at

Metatopia is presented by Double Exposure, Inc, the folks behind DEXCON, DREAMATION and the First Exposure Hall at Gen Con. Find them at, @de_gaming on twitter or on Facebook. 

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