Happenings behind the scenes

We are working tirelessly behind the scenes here at the TJI Studios to get prepped for the re-launch of the show as we begin to take it to a brand new direction while maintaining the vision and quality of what came before. We have the staff and the drive we just need you the listener to come back.

We are planning our first recording session and should have a few new episodes up soon. I wanted to let you know a few things and what you can expect.

Prior to Gen Con we are planning to release a few “People you need to meet” episodes. These will be short 10 minute episodes that will allow you to meet a few of the attendees/booth/personalities that will be at the convention that you should go see. These will begin no later then July if not earlier depending on how many people we can wrangle in.

Also we will record a few Studio shows that will give you a chance to get familiar with the new hosts as we discuss what we are excited about and what looks to be the new cool this year at Gen Con. Its our way of getting you “In the Know!” for this year.

Finally today I want to ask you a question valued fan. We are working on expanding TJI to be more a network of shows. This Just In From… will be our convention & news program, bringing you the experiences of some of the best gaming conventions out there, but what other type of podcast/video casts would you like to see out of TJI?

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